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Sweetening the experience

Sweeten them up and make them smile! Lisa’s Sweet Treats is the place to shop for a delicious and unique gift for everyone in your life.

We all remember the days of traipsing around town with only the promise of a pick n mix getting us through. Now, your childhood dreams can come true! With Lisa’s Sweet Treats you can have all your favourite sweets delivered straight to your door and you don’t even need to leave the house!

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate birthday gift for the person who has it all, or you want to give a tasty thank you to your favourite client. We have something sweet for you.

Check out our online shop for all our scrumptious treats including our new and exclusive sweet-filled numbers! There’s no better way to celebrate that big birthday.


Corporate Gifts

Head to corporate gifting and brighten up Monday mornings in the office with everyone’s favourite candy.



Let me take care of your wedding, party or any other big event. I provide the perfect party favours for all sizes of events and for any dietary requirements so everyone can get a taste of the action.