Letterbox treats are here, a perfect treat for you or someone as a surprise. Waking up to find these landing on your door step!

Each letterbox box contains 8 bags of sweets, with a huge range to choose from.


Each bag weighs on average 66g, depending on the sweet. A great value treat in the post!


Pick 8 bags from the list below:

You can choose from;

The chocolatey ones

  • White Chocolate Stars V
  • Milk Chocolate Stars V
  • Chocolate Candy Cones
  • Jazzies V
  • Snowies V
  • Pink and white chocolate mice V


The classics;

  • Jelly Beans GF / DF
  • Milk Bottles GF
  • Dolly Mixture GF / DF
  • Flying Saucers GF / V
  • Wine Gums GF / DF
  • Marshmallow Cables GF / DF
  • Black Jacks
  • Fruit Salad
  • Aniseed Twists
  • Jelly Babies GF / DF


The fizzy ones;

  • Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles GF / DF
  • Fizzy Mini Strawberry Pencils
  • Fizzy Peaches GF / DF
  • Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles GF / DF / V
  • Fizzy Strawberries DF / V
  • Fizzy sour melons V / DF
  • Watermelon bites GF / DF


The foamy ones;

  • Foam Bananas
  • Foam Shrimps GF
  • Foam Mushrooms GF


The Haribos;

  • Haribo - Cola Bottles
  • Haribo - Fizzy Cherries
  • Haribo - Giant Strawbs
  • Haribo - Hearts 
  • Haribo - Mini Jelly Babies
  • Haribo - Rings
  • Haribo - Turtles
  • Haribo - Bears
  • Haribo - Fried Eggs
  • Haribo - Rhubarb and Custard
  • Haribo - Cherries


Other favourites;

  • Mini Strawberry Cables
  • Red Gummy Lips GF / DF
  • Space Mix DF / V
  • Mini fizzy rainbow bites
  • Fizzy mini strawberry pencils
  • Mini strawberry pencils


GF = Gluten Free DF = Dairy Free V = Vegetarian


Due to stock avaiability, not all sweet choices can be guranteed, however the list above is updated daily to reflect stock levels. If the sweet is not available then a similar alternative will provided. This product is ideal for a gift and can be personalised with a message from you!i

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