How to get organised in 2020 by Michelle Gillson

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Having been a PA for many years I know the benefits of being organised, it’s in my blood.

There are many aspects to being organised and in this blog I am going to give you a few things that can help you be more organised within your business….so let’s do this!!!!

Firstly…you need to improve your habits. The more you do it, the better it will be (same as everything).

So let’s start with…

Managing your office space. Always ensure that your physical surroundings are neat and organised. Invest in some storage options…filing cabinets, drawers, storage cube units are great for keeping things neat and tidy.

Choose your tool. What do you prefer to keep a record of your tasks and to-do list? Is it emails unread?, post it notes? (my least recommended option), written to-do list?, online business management system – eg. Dubsado?

Choose one and stick to it. Once you have everything in one place you instantly know what needs to be done and when. Mark off when tasks have been achieved and re-do your list on a regular or daily basis to keep it tight and manageable.

Clarify your tasks. The devil is in the detail when creating tasks. Be clear on what the task is. You don’t want to get to the task and realise you haven’t written down enough information and wonder what the hec you needed to do.

Email Management. Create folders in your electronic diary. Move all emails relating to your clients into their individual folder to enable easy access to those emails when you need to refer to them. Add more folders for general items, such as travel, hotels, general admin, research, personal etc. This creates a more streamlined look to your inbox and automatically makes you feel more in control.

Diary Management. This one is a biggy!

Only use one calendar – choose which one works for you such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Let’s get one thing out the way first – big events that you know are coming up within the next 6 months-1 year. Block out annual leave/holidays away, medical appointments and children commitments such as school holidays.

The next one is booking your networking events if you have any planned, you always need to be growing the business and making new connections, very important – put all these in your diary and look for more if you need to.

Once this is done then we can start to block book essential tasks that happen each day, for instance morning rituals which is vitally important for a positive mindset in business, taking the kids to school, taking a lunch break and online networking through social media, replying to emails - set time in your day to do these things, They don’t have to be for a long periods of time just that they are daily tasks that are non-negotiable for a successful business.

Colour coding both daily tasks and potential meetings/clients will help to distinguish all your appointments at a glance, but don’t over colour code – perhaps choose a colour for must do’s and another colour for meetings etc.

Avoid booking back to back appointments in case they overrun, then you’ll be late for the next one which never looks professional, leave at least 15-30 minutes in between each meeting.

Define your business goals. Write down your business goals and how you are going to achieve them – be clear and precise. Keep this plan visible to remind yourself daily.

Accounting and budgeting. Organise and streamline your receipt capture and invoices through systems like WAVE, Xero, Quickbooks. Get into a habit of scanning all your receipts in. If you wanted to use a business online management solution tool then this can automate invoice generation and chase ups which would help streamline even further.

Clean up your PC desktop. Have a few shortcuts on your desktop for frequently used files but move all other desktop documents to folders within a server or something similar to google drive and file under the client’s individual folder or under task names.

Plan your social media posts in advance. Plan them a week in advance and create the content of what you want to post. There are apps that can help with the planning such as Planoly for Instagram which will save you time on a daily basis – again highlight in your diary which day to plan to do this and stick to it.

Putting all these things into place will help create harmony and space to continue to grow and expand your business. I’m here to help with all of this if you need it but in the meantime GOOD LUCK!!!

Written my Michelle Gillson, Virtual Assistant

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