Mission Statement

Lisa’s Sweet Treats aims to sweeten the experience. We help people to brighten someones day with confectionary treats. We are excellent value of money, offer great customer service and suitable for almost all diets.


Vision Statement

Lisa’s Sweet Treats will continue to evolve from the strong grounding of an excellent confectionary gift company. Being people-focused, with our suppliers, customers and employees, communication is at the heart of what we do. With flexibility, and excellent value for money, everyone will be able to sweeten the experience by working with Lisa’s Sweet Treats.



Passionate – about everything we do

People-focused – with everyone we come into contact with

Fun – because who doesn’t love sweets

Trustworthy – a company you can always rely on

Straightforward – simplicity and speedy


How it all began


Lisa’s Sweet Treats is a Warwickshire based independent sweet company run by me, Lisa! The business was built from my desire to find an outlet for the energy I had left over from a busy couple of years wedding planning.

Lisa’s Sweet Treats as you know it today, all started from a small idea I had to have a sweet cart at my wedding. Unsurprisingly, it was an absolute hit for my sweet-toothed family and friends. After rave reviews, I realised there must be something here because really, who doesn’t love sweets? So, I started offering Lisa’s Sweet Treats for weddings and parties.

Suddenly, it took over my life (and spare bedroom) in the best way! I could never have imagined my small-scale wedding favour idea would launch into a full-fledged business. Within 18 months I had quit my full-time job as a project manager, and after moving the business out of my house and into some office space I’ve been caught in this sweet whirlwind ever since! 

As the company grew so did my passion. Lisa’s Sweet Treats evolved into offering an online shop and corporate gifts, meaning that more people could experience the sweetness! My goal from the very beginning has been to make people feel special with gifts that are unique and personal. An idea that has been met with high demand. In just a year, we were even sending our treats internationally!

Things can only get sweeter, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lisa’s Sweet Treats.


The Team at Lisa's Sweet Treats

Lisa Organ


Role - full time pick n mix order producing and a woman of many hats. I look after the finances, marketing, logistics and sorting your wonderful orders!

Favourite sweets - Haribo Rhubarb & Custard, Chocolate Mice, Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

lisa proflie.png

Ruth M

Team Member

Role - Ruth looks after all the admin, responding to messages, queries, order management and adhoc projects. 

Favourite sweet - fizzy mini strawberry pencils

Ruth proflie.png

Alice Porter

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Role - Alice looks after all our social media pages, creating content and new designs and helps sort out your wonderful orders!

Favourite sweet - Fizzy Sour Apples


Lisa's Sweet Treats has a 5 star food hygiene rated business, with all staff having food hygiene level 2 certificates.
We are registered with North Warwickshire council and subject to their inspections.